Security Policy

The front entrance is the single entry point for Magnolia Bay. In order to gain entrance through the front gate a resident will need to share our gate code with you. We ask that you not share the gate code with anyone other than those required to provide services to our residents.


Real Estate agents may enter as needed to show a home or lot for sale.


Magnolia Bay HOA, Inc. has partnered with Flock Safety, an Atlanta, GA based company that specializes in license plate reading security solutions. Security cameras send their footage via mobile technology to a secure cloud-based storage. The cameras records footage and have both day and night-time capability to read and record license plates that pass through the entrance. The footage and data that is collected can be shared with members of the community in the event of an incident and or crime.


If you do not have the express permission, from a Magnolia Bay resident or the HOA, to enter our community please do not do so. This will be considered trespassing.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.